3: Monkey Boy Soul Eater

Please tell me – what in the ever-loving maniacal coconut monkey bullshit is this? If the … artist …. is out there and reads this post – I am so sorry but I was walking by a closed shop and this little dude scared the unholy ghost straight outta me! So there’s a slot in his belly, is that for … money? Is he a bank? Like .. do soul tickets go in there? Because that’s what it looks like.. Tickets for one slightly used soul, right in the old belly slot. Honestly, this thing absolutely TERRIFIED me 🤣  So annnnyways…… *shudder*

It was a great day aside from my monkeyboy friend? Grrl and I walked down the red trail by the bay, we drank Second Cup flash cold brew and bitched about everything we could think of.. We have tentative plans for a hike next week if the weather holds up and as long as we both remember.. We’re going to be packing day lunches and rocking our gear to take a day long nature retreat into the trails of our local forest-ish park…

Clicketh the pics below for full sized blah-blah our selfies and the weird monkeyboy thing… Ciao bellas 🥰😘