5 : The Big Ordeal..

Oh let me tell y’all about the week+ that I have had! 🥴 So on September 6th (Labour day in Canada) I had to go to the ED at my local hospital.. I was in serious agony from something in the side of my belly that so completely hated me I thought I was legit going to die! I had to go up alone due to COVID protocols so you can imagine how scary that was for me and I sat in the ED waiting room for FIVE hours because our hospitals are so incredibly understaffed right now (thanks so much current local politicians who broke literally all of your BS promises) ANYHOW…  So I finally get in and they take a bucket of blood for CBCs and cultures and the whole nine yards, then they shot me full of fentanyl and sent me for immediate CT scan. Turns out I had a pretty good sized abscess just inside the meat on my tummy that was about to burst through to the surface like the cluster I had three years ago did. It’s all part of Crohn’s Disease though, nothing really can be done but be vigilant and get to it as soon as it crops up..  🙃

The doc on call came in and looked at it and froze it and cut a hole in it with his happy little knife. He drained it out and packed it and sent me off to a room for at least the night. I had transfusions that first day – it’s just such a weird concept, eh? Watching blood drain Into you instead of out.. Throughout all of this we discovered that my hemoglobin (which should be a 120 count) is actually a 60 and it’s rather miraculous that I haven’t simply fallen over and stopped functioning altogether🤣  I also have sky-high platelets? Whatever that’s about.. There’s a hematologist calling me for followups as soon as my current antibiotic run is over so that’s good..

So I spent six days in there slowly going crazy but also I was relieved to finally find a doctor who didn’t just shrug off my lifelong anemia and treat me like a bloody child about it.  I rested, did what I was told, learned more about wound dressing, declined all the heparin because f*ck that nasty ish..  I had a feast of my fave sushi brought in, sent by my far away sister who wanted to get me a treat for powering through my wild ordeal like a serious trooper that I am. I learned to use a new stylus on my android devices! And I guess as of that daySeptember 6, 2021 – I became a non-smoker, again. Still holding and doing pretty damned good if I may say so myself!

Usually when I’m signed in there (it seems about every three years) it’s right around two weeks but can I just say that this trip may have felt like the longest six days ever? And honest to doge – thank the Gods that I’m home and back to my own flavour of hot tea and reality 😉 Here’s some pics of my week, my worst, and hopefully that one selfie hits pretty close to maybe my best 🤣

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    1. Ohhh yes! I feel a million times better (albeit hella tired) but sometimes just knowing takes off some of the pressure, right? And thank you so much 🥰🥰🥰

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