7: “Hey, yeah, I’m the one that you wanted…”

It’s been a weird week? Not good, not bad.. Just weird. I’m feeling something looming and I’m entirely unsure of what it means – one of those strange gut feelings like when you’re camping in the woods and something just tells you “no, there are wolves there” or similar? Maybe just as your toes hit the very edge of a steep hole that you didn’t see until it was a hair away from too damned late.

There was drama with the dude in the building adjacent – he had illegal barbed wire installed like a fence on the roof of his crappy cellular shop? Which wouldn’t have bothered me a bit if his bullshit barbed wire wasn’t literally face-level on my back patio? His building is only one story.. I guess I won’t talk bad about him but the post is very public on facebook – it’s the one where he fakes cordiality and claims he was protecting children from falling off the roof, it was all for “safety” which is why he chose razor sharp barbed wire? 🤣 He replaced it with chain link the next day, someone kindly dropped a heads-up to building and code inspection services at City Hall.. 🙃

So anywaaaaays….

Here’s a gallery of some highlights of the rest of the week. Yes, I absolutely feel a stagnancy creeping in, not quite a depression as yet but certainly an undefined air of impending doom. I did enjoy a lot of sushi with my bestie, some Disaronno on the patio (post barbed wire, tyvm) and a gorgeous new matcha blend I found on amazon – my own special recipe of Stash double spiced chai, Jade Leaf matcha, sugar, non-dairy creamer, and vanilla.. A lovely Saturday night with good friends (and more Disaronno 🤪). I post way more of the little things like this on my twitter and insta if y’all wanted to hang a bit more!

I wrote a bit of a snippet earlier as well. It’s incomplete as yet, I can’t put my finger on exactly why but it’ll make it’s way out eventually.. Maybe it’s just the maudlin fall and all I need is to read more smut and drink a lot of spiced tea? 🤣 Maybe it’s just the unbearable gloominess of simply being me.