8 : If you’ve got it, haunt it!

And just like that – my whole season pops off! SO much and so little.. After weeks of my medical stuff going stagnant I’m finally hearing a bunch of nonsense about how it’s all been a series of miscommunications? But that’s BS, I’m just stuck dealing with a seriously sketchy pharma group because my provincial coverage is run by idiots 🤣 Speaking of those same idiots – there’s a huge CUPE strike in my province as we speak – our PC premier is abusing as many COVID related public health measures as he possibly can to lash out at the Public Employees.. Right now he’s using the COVID “online learning” to try and make a point that it seems only he gets because it’s literally punishing the rest of us – how can you weaponize education? I mean that’s just sick.. Annnnyhow. /sigh  – tomorrow I have to go to the hospital to see a hematologist but I need to have bloodworks first so I’ll be sitting up there for about 3 hours in between the bloods and the actual appointment – they’re blaming it on the strike, I’m blaming it on poor management. My appointment was originally scheduled for November 29th, out of the blue they called today to reschedule for tomorrow bright and early – almost as though they’re trying to create unnecessary chaos at the hospital so our idiot premier can intentionally use the EMA to attack the union, eh? Hmmm….

I kinda miss my bestie, she’s been sleeping entire days because she stays up all night watching TV and … 🤷🏻‍♀️ I honestly can’t wait until she’s up and asking me to go for walks – by then it’s dark and cold and everything is closed. She’s been super busy anyhow, she really doesn’t have the attention span for me right now I don’t think – she’s just absent and I’ve tried but she’s just on her own schedule. There’s more to it than all that but it’s too much to get into and honestly, what good would it do to hash it over again and again? If you can’t remember things we talked about the day before and you can’t even remember why I was in the hospital, how much did it even matter in the first place? Enough whining! I’m over it.. Not really but….

I made some new art today! The two super colourful collage type canvasses in the gallery below! I’ve added two other paintings I did a while back so y’all can see the kind of nonsense I’m abusing my walls with these days 🤣

We did a bit of Halloween gathering at a friend’s house Saturday night – drink up, witches! And Sunday we had that same friend over for our Samhain dinner – He’s a good guy, one of Largemale’s former employees who graduated into “near & dear” status over time.. I’m going to take him hiking next summer since my bestie doesn’t have time for me anymore…  I really don’t mind, at least he actually remembers shit we’ve talked about from one day to the next 🤣