9: Ginger Snaps!

I was at the hospital yesterday for hours to see a hematologist and have bloodwork done. As I’ve mentioned before, there’s a CUPE strike ongoing so things are a little backed up. I come from a union family and at least this time – CUPE is 💯 in the right so I’m honestly not upset by the delays – at least not at the workers… Because my hemoglobin is so bad I’ve got appointments made to have IV iron infusions. Yesterday it was at 82/120 which is basically my personal average. At certain times of the month though it’s usually around 60/120 which is really really bad.. Doc is currently arranging appointments with other specialists to see what we can do about this on a more permanent basis.. Which brings us to tomorrow. I have an iron infusion scheduled for tomorrow at a different hospital.

So you know how they always stress “do your research!” before you have a medical procedure? Folks, I did.

What I have learned : my iron infusion could take either 90mns or 4hrs. It has either a 1/1000 risk of anaphylactic shock or a .5/10,000 risk. It might need anti-rejection medicine or it might not. The doctor might need me to stay an hour after or maybe not. I might be able to drive home afterwards but also I maybe can’t. It might make me tired, it also might make me energized. I most probably won’t feel any change for at least 3wks but maybe I will in a few days. Just letting y’all know so we’re on the same page and all 🤣🤣🤣

In other news –

I finally realized exactly why I hate CM Punk. He looks & talks like every 47yo pot dealing part-time roofer stepdad on Duke Street from the mid 70s onward. He’s the asshole that dated every poor kid’s welfare mom and treated your friend (or you) like crap just because he could. Your friend’s mom (or yours) left him eight times because he kept getting drunk and pissing the bed, he said he’d stop, please baby just one more chance, but he just never did and she kept fucking taking him back.. You don’t dare call him on any of that shit either because last time he got rid of your dog just to see you cry and you’ve also seen him throw down in the parking lot of the Hideaway so you’re not gonna take that beating, oh no. Yeah, he’s that fucking guy alright, and I just goddamned hate him.

And that’s all I got to say about that… But remember kids, if hot ginger tea can’t fix it – sweet freakin’ nothing can!