11: The One With the Spaghetti Recipe..

So this is a new thing I started making, I got bored right before xmas and I didn’t feel like a bunch of struggle – I was already in the prep stages for the holiday dinner and many desserts to come 🤣 I was also craving carbs like nobody’s business.. Spaghetti was staring me in the face and since I always have a billion interesting seasonings in my kitchen – this pasta thing was born!

This is Splendid 🥰🍝
– cook up a single serving of plain spaghetti noodles.
– boil an egg and chop the hell out of it.
– 1/2 tsp each of ground black pepper, lemon pepper, chicken stock powder.
– 1/4 tsp kosher salt.
– 1 tbsp light olive oil.
– toss everything together until blended well.
– add grated parmesan cheese until your heart tells you to stop.
– toss to blend some more.
~multiply this based on however many servings you need.
Eat and be so fat & happy 🥰🍝

And I will also share with you my first selfie of 2022 but really not truly my first, there’s one with my largemale over on my insta (go follow me if you’d like – I don’t spam, much 🤣)