Awkward Gaming – 01: ESO Intro

Welcome to my first ever gaming post on this website! Please keep in mind that I’m absolutely not your average gamer, in fact I’m just about the most awkward gamer you will ever meet! I’m very much an introvert though oddly I do enjoy playing with others on the rare occasion that they can connect with me before I panic and port away in abject terror šŸ˜² ~It’s really not that bad but yeah, I am seriously awkward af.

Submitted for the approval of The Midnight Society…” (h/t **) I hereby present my thoughts on ESO “The Elder Scrolls Online šŸ˜‰

Can you have a love affair with a game? Because if so – this is totally it. I cannot for the life of me figure out why I didn’t start playing this one sooner.. To begin with – I absolutely love that levels don’t really matter as much as they do in some games. I love that I can play at my own speed and even though the people I’m playing with may be higher or lower it’s all scaled so that we really don’t even notice while we’re rolling together. This is especially important because my partner started the game at the same time as me and he’s a few levels ahead but we still play super well together and he even calls on me for assists when he needs it. It’s really nice that super veteran MMO players like him and awkward weirdos like me can legit run together without an obvious level/class divide. My experience with MMOs pretty much begins and ends with PWI properties – Forsaken World, Perfect World.. I’ve played some ArcheAge and a vague few minutes of Tera (Ohhh, though I absolutely adored POTCO plus I was pretty into FO76 for a bit – also does Fallout76 really even count as an MMO?) whereas my wonderful Largemale was a year one WoW veteran (though he gave it up a few years back) among many many other online games.

Anyhow – you get the picture, I’m usually more of a solo player, PC only because I just don’t really like using consoles..

I think I really like that if I actually only wanted to log into ESO and get a room at the inn and do nothing but hang around in a town and socialize – I could! I love that you could choose to just RP as a citizen and as dull as it might sound to some of us – some folks would see that as a dream! I also live in Second Life so I really do get the value of a virtual community with only the obligations you choose to assign it! So many games claim to have something for everyone and the bottom line is that ESO really does. You can be a fighter, an explorer, whatever! I ran into a crazy elf at Daggerfall the other day who was just throwing tomatoes at people and running through the square screaming – I loved her ABSOLUTELY LOVED HER because … why not? šŸ¤·šŸ»ā€ā™€ļøĀ  Also the ESO world is just breathtakingly gorgeous. (more after the gallery)

My PC is not a superbeast (AMD Ryzen 5 1600X Six-Core Processor 3.60 GHz, RAM 16.0 GB, NVIDIA 1050ti out of the box)Ā  – I’m running ESO on ultra graphics with zero lag or issues. In just about 2 weeks I’m at level 19 with 57.2hrs in at the time of this post. I’m playing a Khajiit Templar with healing and destruction staffs – a build I’m used to (though I’m not sure how common it is in ESO) and I don’t seem to have any problems as yet! To explain – in Forsaken World I had a Kindred Vampire that was an almost 50/50 hybrid of DPS and Heals because that’s just the play style that I’m most comfortable with – learning that I could recreate that in another system was one of the nicest things about ESO for me personally..

So yeah, there’s really not a lot of actual info here, right? But this is my intro of ESO for y’all and I look forward to posting more pics as I go and I hope y’all are along for the ride!

*Just to note: ESO is available on all platforms but does not support crossplay so please consider this if you’re hoping to play with specific people – it is integral to know which platform y’all are using before you potentially commit time and money only to possibly be disappointed..