12: The Fix is In (and all the ish)

I guess I’ll start with the biggest update first! Some of y’all know I’ve been struggling with doctors forever and it took them over 15 years to even believe that I had Crohn’s Disease so y’all will be as excited as I am to finally put this huge issue to rest after *omg I don’t even know how many years* right? On March 21st I went to an Ob/Gyn for the first time in foreverrrr…

I like this doctor too – she’s kind and actually understands vaginas probably because she owns one personally unlike ALL of the male doctors I’ve ever had who basically just stuff giant mech devices into you with very little preamble (or even much lube most times) and are like “Oh buck up, sweetie!” with eye-rolls and exasperated sighs while they rip your delicate bits to shreds as you lay there trying to hide the tears 🥴

I’ve got an appointment for a Mirena IUD install with meds to use beforehand to make it less painful *and* she booked me for the hospital instead of her office because I have anxiety issues and a weird pain threshold – she’s going to numb it with local and if I need a xanny or equiv then there’s that too because she can’t do either of those in office. She listened to my fears, answered my questions, assured me that if anything goes sideways at all – during insertion or at any time after – we will fix it, one way or another. She believes me and believes in me and she says we’re not going to just give up and throw down..

This fix should almost end my anemia problem (and my dangerously low blood pressure) because the Mirena stops 90% of menstrual bleeding and that has always been my worst issue.. Yes, I am naturally anemic from childhood but it’s a lot easier to manage in other ways when you don’t literally need blood transfusions every 28-31 days! I’ve been in the ER (several times before right after periods) for other issues and they always think I’m bleeding internally, this last time (September 2021) was the second time that I’ve needed multiple blood transfusions just to recover from a period and it finally triggered a referral to a hematologist who went ‘oh this is fucked’ and set me up with this Gyn doc who thankfully has a game plan and I really do feel confidence that together, we can get some of this right finally.

So my neighbourhood is being weird again, y’all. It’s maybe not so freaky that it’s a doll. It’s maybe a little freaky that it’s a Chucky doll. It may be a little more freaky that’s it’s decapitated? But the best part is – that’s the back of a church 🤣 So. .. Words fail me sometimes, this is one of them.

It’s not like this was ever the best area anyways – we have some real unusual shit going down on the regular.. It’s like if someone who never lived in the ‘hood made a comedy about the ‘hood – the absurdities around here never cease to amuse me, truly. From the arguing sex workers out back to the yelling Karens at the Tim Hortons, the angry man who roams up and down the street, alone, at 3AM with his blanket over his shoulder like a demented Charlie Brown character who complains loudly about his cheating wife who tossed him out yet again.. Many different flavours and the spice is strong 🤣

There’s also a steady rotation of folks living in my building vestibule – there’s the smoking man – I think he just likes the drink but he flirts with me sometimes and it’s kinda weird. He endlessly chain-smokes the worst smelling cigarettes in the world.. He moved out of the 4’x4’ vestibule after our building management tore into him but a few days later a methy girl was there in his place and she told another tenant that the first guy who ‘lived there’ told her she could have his place 🤷🏻‍♀️ sometimes she leaves behind broken crack pipes, candy wrappers, and most recently wilted cut flowers? Better than the smoking man I guess – he usually left behind quantities of pee in plastic doughnut boxes and soggy stained tissues. The latest guy we’ve acquired has a giant blanket that takes up pretty much the entire vestibule and smells kinda like what I’d imagine an abandoned (and yet freshly stocked) morgue might smell like in mid-August after the power goes out… 🥴

Annnnyhow… Here’s an art update:

I did the falls based vaguely on a scene in Elder Scrolls Online. Just as a model for perspective, not really as a ‘thing’… And the beach is from my memory – Herring Cove beach on Campobello Island where my people are from. I used to play on that beach as a child while visiting my grandmother in the summer.. Finally – my current workspace! It seems tight but it’s really not. Both of the sketches were done with ArtRage – the falls was done on my desktop and the beach was done on my phone (ArtRage Vitae) … I have a new Insta, by the way! Y’all already know I have an insta for my regular life crap *link* and one for my Second Life crap *link* but here’s the one just for my art – *linky-poo* come see me on any of them if y’all want!

And … well -that’s the tea, Boo! 🥰😘